Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary Jerry & Jennifer!

So, my coworker Jerry apparently forgot his wedding anniversary last year.  His 10 year anniversary...  Luckily, so did his wife.  This year that we decided we would not let him forget his anniversary so I made him some cards and he has already ordered the flowers and he is going to surprise her at work by making an appearance.  Guarantee he won't be in the dog house this anniversary.  Happy 11th to the happy couple!!!

When I was trying to think of ideas for the anniversary card I tried to get some clues from Jerry.  What is her favorite color?  What were your wedding colors?  What are her favorite flowers?  Typical husband, he doesn't know the answers.  So, his wife gets my favorite colors.  I have a lot of purple stuff so it is easy to make a bunch of stuff in that color scheme.  My original plan was to make the card with all the flowers but I initially could not find the stamps because my craft room is organized.  By organized I mean the room looks fabulous and clean but I have the faintest idea of where to find anything when I need it.  (Like trying to find the manual to my sewing machine when I finally decide to actually sew something.)  So, back to stamps, I made the first card with the three strips of embossed purple cardstock and the fancy flower.  I don't have any "anniversary" stamps so I went with a love you, thinking of you, celebrate love sort of theme.  Then I just went into making random stuff that could possibly work.  Pretty much just winging it...  I think Jerry is planning to give his wife the card with the flowers.  I hope you like my anniversary cards and most of all I hope Jennifer likes it.

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