Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Stache

I didn't really jump on the mustache bandwagon until recently.  The more I see them, the more I like them.  I finally figured out how to use my Silhouette today... I ordered this back in June or July, got it last month and I have been too "busy" to figure it out and play with it.  I got some mustache files off of the Silhouette website and made my first project.  I love it!  I know, I don't really have much of a "stash" because I think it is still packed.  These are the few random coins I've found around the house.  I've had this project in the back of my mind for a while and the coins were actually already in the jar, just needed its "stache."  This thing is cracking me up even as I write this (I'm such a dork!).  Luckily vinyl is very forgiving, I know the letters aren't perfectly straight but it was as good as I could get it free-handed.  I bought transfer paper to help with moving vinyl a while back.  Today when I opened the package I realized I bought tracing paper... not helpful.

Machine: Silhouette (to cut vinyl)
Vinyl: Pick Your Plum
Jar: Ikea
Money: Probably Todd's

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